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March 2017 Window project update

The current balance in our project fund is $3650 as of 3/30/17, thanks Paul Balle HM 003 for your contribution.  Our goal is still $50,000 and we need $15,000 to do the first phase.


Feb. 2017 Window project update

The current balance in our project fund is $3500 as of 2/28/17, thanks Andy Giacobone HM 429 for your contribution.  Our goal is still $50,000 and we need $15,000 to do the first phase.


We are off to a slow start but ask all brothers to remember us as they receive their tax return for 2016.  We need all the dollars we can get.

Remember we have 71 windows and 9 doors to replace in total.



HM297, 2ski, Tom Plotkowski



Housing Corporation Capital Project - Window Replacement

At our 2016 Delta Chi Rho reunion one of the Sigma Nu actives remarked to one of the brothers that the fraternity house was cold and drafty and the utility bills were high. The remark fell on sympathetic ears resulting in an idea to start a fund raising project to help out the youngsters who have no idea how hot or cold that attic dormitory was back in the day before air conditioning and any form of heat in attic other than what the warm bodies were generating. Youngsters today for the most part have no clue what roughing it was like! Remember walking down 3rd Ave wagging a drafting board in one hand and a brief case full of text books in the other in sub-zero temperatures?  Thanks N. Whitty for these words .

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Kettering Relay For Life

Good Afternoon Brothers,

Every year, our chapter joins the fight for cancer by getting involved with the Kettering University Relay for Life. Many of us have family and friends that have been affected by this disease, and with your help, we can make an impact in putting an end to it. We extend our sincerest gratitude to anybody who is willing to help us reach our goal of $2000.


Click here to see the donations page.

The 60th Anniversary Followup

Group photo


I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who was able to make it out to the 60th! With the help of Nel Whitty, we had a great turnout of Delta Chi Rho members and we had representatives present from every decade! Besides the cool weather, I think everyone had a good time!

We heard speeches from Bob Borcherts (DXP, c/o 57’), Nel Whitty (DXP, c/o 57’), Bob Mott (DXP, HM70, c/o 64’), and John Kossel (DXP, HM1, c/o 64’). A touching tribute from Bob Masterson (DXP, c/o 57’) was given about the late Harry Erik Nordin (DXP, c/o 57’)

Today is the last day to RSVP!!!


Today is the last day to RSVP for the 60th. If you do not RSVP we cannot guarantee a seat or food for you if you decide to come to the event!

So far, it looks like we will have around 100 in attendance!

Again, if you haven't already, here is the link to RSVP: http://www.deltachirho.com/rsvp


Here are the details for the event:

Who: Delta Chi Rho Alumni, Sigma Nu Alumni, Sigma Nu Collegiate Members and all Significant Others.


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